AAN Asset Management and its investment committee work closely with managers such as Vanguard (See Video) who have a proven track record in achieving index returns and delivering cost reductions to clients. Utilising  Vanguard with active managers allows us to provide very competitively priced solutions without sacrificing return.

Lower prices do assist returns but active management can add far more value when successful. This is in positive markets but even more so in negative markets.  The committee specifically look for managers that have a strong track history of performance in negative markets to add to the index performance provided by our passive solutions.

Adding to this value, AAN has negotiated substantial discounts with the managers and SMAs in our models to increase the likelihood of outperformance across all market environments.

100% of savings are passed back to the investors and the only fees paid to the practices are signed off and approved by you.

AAN is privately owned which means we have no alignment or commercial interest in any of the fund managers or SMAs we select. The whole universe of product is available to us and the committee has no commercial incentive to choose one investment solution over another.