We are pleased to announce that the Perpetual Diversified Real Return Fund has won the award for best Multi Asset – Real Return category at the 2019 Zenith Fund Awards.

Perpetual Investments’ Head of Multi Asset, Michael O’Dea said, “one of the biggest investment challenges facing people who are close to retiring, or already in retirement, is how to generate a sustainable return as well as manage end-of-cycle risks when defensive assets, such as cash and bonds, offer returns lower than inflation.

Mr O’Dea commented, “We believe it is important to have alignment between what clients need to retire comfortably and portfolio construction decisions. Perpetual’s Diversified Real Return Fund is designed for investors looking for a smoother investment journey without sacrificing returns over the investment cycle. Every investment decision is linked to a simple overarching objective which is to make our clients’ retirement savings last for as long as possible.”

With a reassuring focus on growing and protecting investors’ wealth, the Perpetual Diversified Real Return Fund combines a diverse set of investment opportunities and unparalleled funds management expertise.